Titles, certificates conferred on winners of 72nd Tipitakadhara Tipitaka Kovida Selection Exam
SENIOR Buddhist monks who won the highly advanced levels of religious exams received certificates and titles in Yangon yesterday.
The Venerable Kyauk-padaung Sayadaw won the high-est title in the 72nd Tipitakadhara Tipitaka Kovida Selection Ex-amination this year, which was organized by the Ministry of Re-ligious Affairs and Culture, and the advanced level certificates were presented to a total of 106 Buddhist monks at the Mahap-asana Cave of Thiri Mingala Kaba Aye Hill.State Sangha Maha Naya-ka Committee Sayadaws led by Chairman Abhidhaja Maharat-thaguru Abhidhaja Aggamaha Saddhammajotika Bhamo Sayad-aw Bhaddanta Kumara Bhivam-sa, Sayadaws of Tipitakadhara Tipitaka Kovida Selection Board, senior Tipitaka Dham-maBanttagarika monks, senior Tipitakadhara Tipitaka Kovida monks, in-charge monks of the exam, invited monks, and the title winning monks for the 72nd edition of Tipitakadhara Tipitaka Kovida attended the ceremony.Those present at the event were State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Union Minister for Religious Affairs and Culture Thura U Aung Ko, Union Minister for Office of the Union Govern-ment U Min Thu, Union Minister for Information Dr Pe Myint and wife, Union Minister for Health and Sports Dr Myint Htwe, Yan-gon Region Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein and wife, ministers from the Yangon region govern-ment and departmental officials.The Chairman Sayadaw of the Tipitakadhara Tipitaka Kovi-da Selection Board gave the Five Precepts to the congregation led by the State Counsellor.Bhamo Sayadaw Bhaddanta Kumara Bhivamsa read out the words of the advice presented by the State Sangha Maha Nayaka Committee.(The text of this document is covered on page 2)After this, the State Coun-sellor presented her supplication with respect to religious matters.(The text of this document is covered on page 3)Ashin Panna Vamsa Bhi-vamsa was presented the title of Tipitakadhara Tipitaka Kovida by the State Counsellor. The only winner of the 72ndTipitakadhara Tipitaka Kovida Selection Examination for this year is from Tipitaka Maha Gandawin Nikaya Monastery in Dagon Myothit (East) Township, Yangon. Titles and certificates were also offered to the winners of different levels for Tipitaka Exam by the Union Ministers, Chief Minister of the regional gov-ernment, Speaker of the regional Hluttaw and senior government officials.The leading monk of Than-lyin Minkyaung Monastery in Thanlyin Township, who is also the Executive Member of State Sangha Maha Nayaka Commit-tee, delivered a sermon to the congregation before sharing merits. The annual Tipitakadhara Tipitaka Kovida Selection Exam-ination began in 1948 when the country regained independence, and the exam was aimed for the emergence of learned monks who can recite Buddhist scriptures of discipline, discourse and pro-found Dhamma which are termed as the three Tipatakas during the Sixth Buddhist Council that marked the 2,500th anniversary of the Buddha’s enlightenment.The late Venerable Mingun Sayadaw Ashin Vicittasara Bhi-vamsa is the first title-winner of the Tipitakadhara exam in the country, and a total of 15 monks have received the Tipitakadhara Tipitaka Kovida to date.