State Counsellor holds video conference with recovering COVID-19 patients

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, in her capacity as the Chairperson of the National Central Committee for COVID-19 Prevention, Control and Treatment, held a video conference yesterday from the Presidential Palace in Nay Pyi Taw with one patient who has been confirmed positive and two patients who are recovering from COVID-19.

Those who took part in the video conference with the State Counsellor were anesthesiologist Dr Myint Myint Sein (Case-30) and the two men who have started to recover from the disease Ko Taung Swan Khaing (Case-01) from Ketal village of Tiddim Township in Chin State and Ko Kyaw Lin Htet (Case-04) from Chanmyatharzi Township in Mandalay Region.

After words of greeting from the State Counsellor, Ko Taung Swan Khaing presented his experiences, especially warm treatment by doctors and nurses, during his quarantine period and how he conducted himself to recover from the disease; Dr Myint Myint Sein, who has been confirmed positive, related her experiences in providing medical treatments to the COVID-19 patients, what she had to do to ensure health safety, and how she is struggling to recover from the disease; Ko Kyaw Lin Htet who is recovering from the disease recounted his experiences after he became infected with the disease, his experiences during the recovery phase and the basic requirements at the Kandawnadi hospital. In response to the discussions, the State Counsellor talked about the need to follow the health-related directives, rules and regulations; and the measures and plans to be undertaken by the State to fulfill the requirements.

In her concluding remarks, the State Counsellor said that it was possible to overcome the COVID-19 disease; that it was necessary to build one’s own inner strength by oneself and that this was possible; that it was necessary to transform it into strength; that it was important to encourage each other and provide mutual support. She said the first point was the importance of self, the importance of self-reliance and the fact that only you can provide protection to yourself.

The second important thing was your society. It was important for your society to provide you with support. All citizens should have self-confidence. They should learn how to live properly. They should provide compassion and warmth to each other.
They should help with “cetana” in whatever way they could. It was believed that if they acted in this way, even though this was a period characterized by weaknesses in human resources to physical resources, all difficulties could be surmounted.

She ended by saying that she wanted to give encouragement to everyone and wished to send “metta” to all. She said she extended her good wishes for a speedy recovery by the power and strength of “metta”, and for all of them to have well-being and happiness as they recovered their health.