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State Counsellor discusses COVID-19 practical measures with front-liners of Chin State

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, in her capacity as the Chairperson of the National Central Committee for Prevention, Control and Treatment of COVID-19, held a video conference with people in Chin State, participating in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic yesterday from the Presidential Palace in Nay Pyi Taw.

After words of greeting from the State Counsellor, Dr Aung Ngwe San, Head of the Public Health and Medical Services Department in Hakha Township, discussed difficulties and challenges in the fight against COVID-19; worries of local health workers and patients and how they were cooperating; medical treatments, tests, response and containment works, assistance and supply efforts; coordination of awareness campaigns, and the need for an isolation building and electricity supply.

Next, Daw Van Htalar Kyel Hni Yarn, a volunteer of the Hakha COVID-19 Response Committee, briefed why the committee was formed and how she was cooperating with the committee; the preparation of videos in collaboration with the health departments of Chin state for public awareness; and activities being undertaken to provide counseling services to alleviate the effects of COVID-19.

Then, U Tam Aung Shein, Executive Officer of the Hakha Township Municipal Committee, explained enforcement of orders and directives related to COVID-19, and establishment of a community-based quarantine facilities and other requirements.

The State Counsellor spoke on the need to conduct awareness campaigns on a large scale, for all the people beginning with children, to uplift the morale of health workers, patients and the people. She then gave explained the government’s short and long-term plans to fulfill the needs and requirements.

In her concluding remarks, the State Counsellor said that the people of Myanmar were really adorable because well-wishers and donors appeared as soon as they learnt about the requirements after the videoconference calls were made; that in her mind Myanmar could be regarded as an empire where “cetana” never sets; this is because donors came forward to donate the requirements just before the sun set; she believed that donors will also come forward for Chin State; that the government would take the responsibility if there were no donors; and the fact that the people were providing assistance and collaboration was a real strength for the government.

She added that in rich countries, the governments have sufficient capacities to provide assistance to people regardless of whether donations were received from the private sector or not, however, Myanmar needs the contributions of well-wishers.

The State Counsellor continued to say that now the government had heard about the requirements, it would fulfill the requirements as much as possible, while expecting public contributions; that human resources were very important to overcome the COVID-19; that it was very important for individuals to follow orders and directives to overcome the challenge of the first stage; that healthcare services are required for the recovery of patients; that to be infected does not mean all hope is lost as the global death rate of COVID-19 is only between 5 and 6 per cent and it is not an incurable disease; but it was necessary to prepare for early tests and medical treatments, to have hospitals, health workers and equipment, and that the government would fulfill all these requirements as much as possible; and that this challenge could be overcome with the participation of everyone.

Finally, the State Counsellor said that she placed great trust and hopes on Chin State. This place was where the first COVID-19 case was confirmed. It was able to take effective measures and everyone collaborated with unity to overcome the challenge. This was very inspiring for the whole country.

She concluded her remarks by expressing thanks to all health workers, administrative officials, volunteers and the people who were participating in the prevention, containment and treatment of COVID-19 disease; she then wished good health and happiness to everyone and prayed that all of them would be free from all kinds of dangers.