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State Counsellor visits arts exhibition of 56 artists in Yangon

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi visited the ‘Hay Manda Art Exhibition’ held at the Strand Hotel in Yangon yesterday morning.

During the visit, she was accompanied by Union Minister for the Office of the Union Government U Min Thu and officials.

Artists explained and introduced their artworks to the State Counsellor at the exhibition.

In her remark at the exhibition, the State Counsellor said, “I did not think to make a speech at the exhibition and was just prepared to enjoy the paintings. So, I should not make any comment on the artworks. But let me express my feelings on the paintings.

I considered myself it might be my favouritism or preference. I feel that Myanmar artists are the best in Southeast Asia. The artworks of Myanmar artists are very aesthetic. Some persons might be of the view that the art should not be judged on beauty. I disagree. Art is for beauty. Neither beauty nor ugliness is an offence. Each has different meanings. I value pleasant feeling when I looked at some paintings. It could please me. We love beauty as it can give us peace and calmness.

We should believe the Earth as it possesses beauties. It is not a place for depression or lack of expectations. So, I conclude the artworks are beautiful. Some artistes do not like the word ‘beauty’. They regard this remark is quite disparaging. However, the paintings are so beautiful that I am pleased to see them more and more.

I would like to share my experience. On one day, it was just before I went out of the home when I heard a melody of a veteran musician from the radio. It tied me up not to leave there till it came to an end. It was a very first weird feeling in my life. I did not worry about being late for the intended place. That is the power of art.

The paintings also attracted me despite pushing me from behind with constant reminders of the time. However, I needed more time to enjoy them. It is also the power of art. I love painting. I am not a genius or expert in it. But I prefer water colour paints.

It is like meditation. It can also improve the power of concentration. It was found that we can control our mind from wandering. The mind totally concentrates on the movements of brushes and painting of water colours. Such concentration could be experienced only in meditation which seems to be more profound. Such mental state can be achieved only when viewing the paintings. I want to view the paintings very thoroughly.

I would like to express thanks to all artists for your artworks on depicting the beauties of our country based on your own experiences.

I have more trust on our country while we are experiencing more and more challenges. An alternative view is that problems could undermine trust and confidence. However, I have more belief in our country and our people who have enough capacity to overcome all the problems and challenges because they are always ready to show their support. They never turn a blind eye to any crisis. So also, the artistes are finding ways to overcome challenges of our country in their own ways. I am of the view that every person is considering their ways how to solve their problems and how to build up a meaningful life every day.

I believe artistes think more seriously. I am very pleased to see the esteemed artists, and thank you all for your valuable works for the country.”

After the speech, the State Counsellor received commemorative paintings from the artists. Next, she took a documentary photo with them.

A total of 56 artists are displaying their 116 artworks till 27 December.