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State Counsellor opens housings for university teachers, lab equipment factory in Yangon

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi inaugurated two housing projects for university teachers and a new laboratory equipment factory in Hline Township, Yangon, yesterday morning.

The inauguration ceremony was also attended by Union Ministers U Min Thu, U Ohn Win, Dr Myo Thein Gyi, Dr Myint Htwe and U Han Zaw; Union Auditor General U Maw Than, Yangon Region Chief Minister U Pyo Min Thein, Region Hluttaw Speaker U Tin Maung Tun, minister for regional government, Hluttaw representatives, Chairman of Sae Paing Development Limited, officials and invited guests.

The State Counsellor watched a video presentation of Mindhamma Pyinnya Yeiktha Housing for teachers, Hline Pyinnya Yeiktha staff apartment, and a new laboratory equipment factory.

In her speech, the State Counsellor said, “I would like to extend my greetings to all invited guests at the ceremony. I am pleased with this occasion. According to the designs, the facilities look very smart. I hope that the performance of the civil service staff will be worthy of these buildings.

The main objective of our government is to develop a Democratic Federal Union that can bring about peace, sustainability and development. In doing so, it is important to upgrade physical infrastructures and attitudes, along with human resources.

Everybody knows that our country and people are facing with challenges and difficulties. However, we need to find opportunities for development amidst these situations.

In this regard, teachers play a crucial role. They can change the mindset of youth. They were regarded as parents because they gave us advice.

While the world has seen technology developments, Myanmar also needs to try for technical innovations. The government is building appropriate facilities in these tasks in line with budget constraints. It is expected that housing for teachers and civil service staff and laboratory equipment factory would be very beneficial for the country’s development.

Modern and advanced infrastructures can encourage people’s efforts and their innovations. In studying development trends of respective countries, it has been found that only knowledge based on human resources could sustain long-term development.

The government is upgrading the capacity of citizens. If the capabilities of people did not improve, the support of government could not result in sustainable development.

Education is the foundation in developing human resources, and the government has been working on curriculum reforms, upgrading teaching methods, supplying modern teaching aids, creating pleasant environment of schools and helping teachers and educational staff to improve their living standards.

Emergence of capable teachers is as important as a good education system. Therefore, the government emphasizes on developing decent environments and facilities for teachers.

Teachers also need to fully understand their core value. We communicated with our teachers respectfully during our childhood. Teachers are also responsible for worthiness of respect from their students. Teachers are working not only for themselves but for future generations; therefore, their attitude is crucial for the development of the country.

Mindhama Pyinnya Yeiktha has 9 units of 12-storey building and 2 units of 8-storey buildings with a total of 910 apartments— 798 apartments with 1,200 sq ft and 112 apartment— car parking building, swimming pool, gyms, community centres and two market places.

Meanwhile, Hline Pyinnya Yeiktha has 7 units of 8-storey buildings with a total of 520 apartments, ranging areas of 1,800 sqft, 900 sqft and 600 sqft. Among them, 184 apartments from 3 units of 8-storey building, a four -storey community centre and a three-storey lab equipment factory with underground facility.

Moreover, Parami Pyinnya Yeiktha has a unit of duplex building with 10 apartments of 3,600 sqft, and 2 units of two-and-a-half storey building for training school.

A total of 1,104 international standard apartments have been ready for teachers and educational staff. We need to provide more facilities as ours is still a developing country. Therefore, while other countries are moving forward, we need to run even among Southeast Asian countries.

The remaining facilities need to be completed 4 units of 8-storey buildings and 11 units of 12-storey building, with a total of 1,286 apartments, in 2020 and 2021.

As the new facilities are modern buildings, these facilities could make good shelters for the teachers and other staff. All are urged to live in discipline and maintain the facilities well.

Our country needs good education staff. They need to develop good attitudes by themselves. Teachers should have willingness to educate children in far-flung areas. People away from cities respect teachers. Once teachers earn the respect and love of country people, that kind of satisfaction cannot be compared with these apartments.

Countries liberated from poverty helped their people move from huts to apartments. Development of public living standards could promote mindset, discipline and capacities of people. In this perspective, the government is building staff apartments and housing for pensioners across the country. We are also building safe and secure apartments for the medical staff in rural areas.

The government will develop the living standards of teachers and educational staff across the country. Although we cannot implement these projects in the short term due to budget constraints, the government will work together with the private sector and local and foreign investors.

I also appreciate private firms which are contributing in the development of our country. I want to see the success of these firms which were compared with the abdomen of human beings. The success of private firms is beneficial to the development of country. They need to share their wealth with the people. The world sees Myanmar as the most generous country.

However, our country is ranked in the list of least developed countries.
Our people need to keep on holding our good advantages and attitudes when the country is on the trend of development. We need to understand challenges and difficulties help us develop our mental power.

In conclusion, I wish to inform that the government is trying for development of the education sector and living standard of teachers. The teachers are also urged to try their best for improvement of the country’s education standard, while we all are trying in building up a modern developed nation. Our people must have high expectations. It must be understood we have our own trend for development. Both endeavours and confidence are required for implementation, while making more efforts for national interest and taking care of your health. Please don’t be afraid of getting tired.”

After the speech, the State Counsellor received a photo of Mindhamma Pyinnya Yeiktha housing from Union Minister for Construction U Han Zaw. He also handed over a commemorative photo album to Union Minister for Education Dr. Myo Thein Gyi.

Chairman U Weik from Sae Paing Development Limited donated K. 200 million to Dr Thein Win, the Director General of Higher Education Department, for housing maintenance fund.

The State Counsellor then unveiled the plaque of Mindhamma Pyinnya Yeiktha housing and cut the ceremonial ribbon to inaugurate the Mindhamma Pyinnya Yeiktha Housing for teachers, Hline Pyinnya Yeiktha Staff Apartment, and a new laboratory equipment factory. The project was implemented for urban development and improvement of living standard of the people. It was carried out by the Ministry of Education as client with the Ministry of Construction taking care of project management. The Myanmar Imperial Vega Company which is a branch of Sae Paing Development Limited acted as joint-venture partner under the PPP arrangement.