State Counsellor meets Guides, Scouts in
Mandalay, gives message of unity, loyalty

DAW Aung San Suu Kyi, Head of Myanmar Scouts Federation and the State Counsellor, met with girl guides and scouts at the Mandalay City Hall yesterday morning for the first time after she was sworn in as Head of the Myanmar Scouts
Federation on 20th July this year.

During the visit, she was accompanied by Union Minister Lt-Gen Kyaw Swe, Lt-Gen Ye Aung, Dr Myo Thein Gyi, Dr
Myint Htwe, U Thaung Tun, U Kyaw Tin and officials. They left Nay Pyi Taw by special flight and arrived at Tada U Township in Mandalay.

They were welcomed at the international airport by Union
Minister U Ohn Maung, Mandalay Region’s Chief Minister Dr Zaw Myint Maung, ministers of the regional government and
departmental officials.

Daw Aung Suu Kyi attended the ceremony to meet with Myanmar girl guides and scouts at the Mandalay City Hall.

Before the ceremony, the Head of the Myanmar Scouts Federation and the State Counsellor looked around the display of activities by Myanmar girl guides and scouts before she
enjoyed the song ‘Moe Lone Hmine’ sung by Myanmar girl

The ceremony was started with singing of the Myanmar National anthem and saluting the National Flag before the scouts
opened the ceremony with ‘Prestige of Scouts’.

Then, the guides and scouts presented their rope knotting
skills applying first aid bandage, followed by the performance of
young girl guides who sang a song entitled ‘Flowery Garden’.

Dr Tin Myo Win, Chairman of the Peace Commission, presented awards to the winners of the rope tying, poems and paintings competitions.

Then, the members of the cub scouts performed with the
song ‘We Are Capable Scouts’, and the Blue Bird girl scouts
with ‘Owners of Prestigious Hearts’.

In her speech, the State Counsellor and Head of the
Myanmar Scouts Federation said that one of the reasons she
wanted to meet with the scouts in Mandalay was because she
wanted to give a message for unity.

She added that every member must be loyal to the organization they have joined, work in unity, and observe the rules and
disciplines of the organization.

The activities are the strength of that organization.
Everybody has their own choice individually. However, after
someone has been a member of an organization, they need to
follow the rules and disciplines of that organization. This practice must be developed since childhood to be able to serve for the community and the country.

She also said some people felt restricted to be a member
of a certain organization. Every organization seriously takes into
account its rules and principles.

Some members prefer working freely and individually. In this
regard, the meaning of “free” should be considered, as they
ignored the organizational rules and principles and neglected the
organizational values in consideration of ‘free’. It was important to fully understand the term ‘free’.

She continued that no one could enjoy total freedom as everybody has grown up in the world. The needs of the whole
community and individuals have forced the people to get interdependent in society. The world Girls Guide song has defined the genuine independent person, although almost every one might not hear it. It was not available in Myanmar translation.

She also interpreted the official song of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) for the lyrics
of “ All those who loved the true and good; Whose promises were kept; With humble minds, whose acts were kind, Whose honour never slept; These were the free and we must be Prepared like them to live; To give to all, both great and small; All we can give, all we can give.”

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi also suggested that the meaning
of ‘free’ in the WAGGGS song should be contemplated as this
song pointed out it was possible to be true and good only when all love the true and good, and otherwise, they would derail from the right path and that it was important to develop self-confidence and morality. The pure and free mind were very essential for everybody.

She also emphasized the importance of keeping promises to
avoid debts. She said a person who was not under a debt burden
can enjoy ‘freedom’.

The State Counsellor also advised to live with honour all
the time as it could support a way in life which leads to freedom. She also drew a conclusion which says that genuine freedom was the possession of a free mind.

She then suggested to perform organizational tasks to enjoy genuine freedom, followed by the freedom of others. She
also advised the young guides and scouts to seriously consider
the term ‘free’ that involves a kind heart, and a humble mind
without conceit which should be practiced among the guides and

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi reminded them to treat each other fairly without considering the backgrounds of families or schools, and to develop team spirit and unity which were the behaviours of humble minds.

She also remarked the importance of kindness for the guides and scouts to be able to keep their promises, to help each
other and to be kind to others, even to the animals. It was one
of the codes of conduct for guides and scouts. She added that this organization would help children to understand good morality and to understand genuine freedom.

The State Counsellor also noted that the reasons for propagation of scout activities were due to those values because the scouts enjoyed this organization not for opportunities, but for its aims and beliefs. In some cases, the children joined it due to the persuasion of their parents.

She frankly recounted that she joined the group of girl
guides due to the advice of her mother who was the Commissioner of Girl Guides, and she stressed the importance of following rules and disciplines in any organization.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi also said that admiration could only
be gained through respect for others and observing the disciplines, without notice from others. She remarked a person with genuine freedom controls himself not to breach the disciplines. She advised not to let “honour” go to sleep in society.

It was important not to live alone in honour, but to live in it as part of society.

She also urged to thoroughly study the promises and the duties of guides and scouts, and contemplate upon them.

Otherwise, they would be mere members of any organization
without strong devotion to it, and it is would become act of tricking oneself or lying others and the community. She also concluded it was very fundamental not to lie to oneself to become an honourable person.

She remarked that honour was the basic need for a guide and scout, in addition to the spirit of friendly cooperation with

She also expressed her high hope for citizens whether
they were children or adults to become valuable persons, and
it could be realized with a firm determination.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi advised the young guides and
scouts to develop themselves as a valuable person for the organization, although they have joined the group due to the persuasion of their parents or their own decision.