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Message of Greetings sent by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Chairperson of the
National Reconciliation and Peace Centre, for the 30th anniversary celebrations of
establishing peace of the Wa No.2 Speacial Region.

(17 April 2019)

(1381, 13th waxing of Tagu)

On the auspicious occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of peace of the Wa No.2 Special Region which falls on the 13th waxing day of Tagu, ME 1381, 17th April 2019, let me first send this message of greetings for the good health and well-being of the leaders of Special Region No.2 and our Wa brothers, sisters and families who are sons and daughters of this great Union.

The path of peace which has been initiated since the last 30 years has
been able to provide us with cessation of armed conflicts and stability with mutual respect, mutual regard and mutual restraint. We can see with
much satisfaction how “Wa” ethnic nationals have been enjoying the fruits
of peace, stability and development.

However to obtain durable peace, it is very important for us to create
a Union which can guarantee us democracy, human rights, and equality and full rights for ethnic nationals. Only after signing the NCA – Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement would we be able to convene the political dialogues which would result in reduced armed conflicts for maintaining durable peace, efforts for monitoring and conflict resolution, ethnic rights, equal rights and achieving unity. The NCA is a door and not the end of the path or goal. This needs to be understood clearly. It is the path which we all need to traverse as we move towards the goal of establishing the Democratic Federal Republic, which is imbued with the principles of equal rights and self-determination. This is the aspiration of all ethnic nationals including
those in the Wa No.2 Special Region. We also wish to inform with seriousness that even after signing the NCA if there are matters which are not covered under this agreement, the EAOs have the option to negotiate and discuss in order to reach agreement.

At this time, the political dialogues have materialized for the first time in history. Ethnic brothers have been demanding all along for these dialogues but were never successful. They made these demands for the emergence of a Democratic Federal Republic and for the settlement of political problems through peaceful political means. Not only that, for the fulfillment of our dream for a Democratic Federal Republic, we have been able to successfully convene the Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong 3rd Session and we have already achieved agreement for
many fundamental federal principles.

The Union Government has been giving special attention and making
strenuous efforts for the participation of the Wa No.2 Special Region and
the remaining EAOs in these round table conferences. This is because of our genuine political desire to ensure the participation of all those ethnic
national racial groups who should be given the opportunity to participate. Furthermore, I wish to urge with great seriousness that we should move forward from the present stage of maintaining the current ceasefire agreement through mutual restraint to the stage where we would be able to establish sustainable and durable peace for the whole Union.

In conclusion, I send this message of greetings with good wishes for all leaders of the Wa No.2 Special Region, and all Wa ethinc people to be blessed with peace and tranquility at this auspicious time of the New Year with renewed mind and body and new dreams. I wish to urge all of you to participate and work strenuously for genuine peace and in building the Democratic Federal Republic which
is our new Union dream.

                                                                                       (Aung San Suu Kyi)
                                                                                        National Reconciliation and
                                                                                         Peace Centre