Message sent by State Counsellor for introduction of the book on health standards

23 Nov 2017

First of all, I send my heartfelt wishes to you all — the citizens including those present at the ceremony of introduction of the book on health standards, to be blessed with physical and mental well-being.

In trying our best to firmly stand on the path to development of a Federal Democratic Union, peace plays an important role. At the same time, we aim at assuring the people better public health. Especially, we will prioritise upgrading fundamental health care for people who are socio-economically disadvantaged and people living in rural and remote areas. For coverage of health care on a nationwide scale, the Ministry of Health and Sports has drawn up the Myanmar National Health Plan (2017-2021), laying down priority plans. In implementing the Plan, the Ministry of Health and Sports will cooperate with the People.

According to the research findings, cases of chronic diseases such as hyper tension and diabetes are increasingly being found in Myanmar. It was found that healthy living practices were rarely found among the public. Instead, smoking, chewing betel quid, drinking liquor and other habits which can harm health are mostly found among the public. So, it is urgently needed to change current social living patterns. Besides, it has been found that constant monitoring on problems of infectious diseases, mortality of mothers and infants and health development of teenagers is still needed.

In implementing these plans, cooperation of related Ministries, partner organizations, together with the Ministry of Health and Sports is urgently needed. Similarly, it is of great importance for the public to have vast knowledge on health. Firstly needed are correct information and facts on health to be within the reach of the public. On the receipt of these facts and information as well, we need to make efforts to make sure that the public understand the information well and are able to make the right decisions.

Now that the book on health standards Version 01, which the whole nation can apply will be distributed, it must be presumed that a foundation has been laid
for upgrading health knowledge of the people. For lifting health knowledge, those who give health care are just instructors. It is incumbent upon the people to practise good health habits. Easy and simple health practices must start from the family.

We firmly believe that it will be successful in a short period of time provided that volunteers, philanthropists, public-oriented organisations, national health care teams, media and artists will take part in unity and with enthusiasm.

I hereby urge you all to collectively make concerted efforts so that our citizens will have a high level of knowledge about health.

(Unofficial Translation)