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AN-anti narcotic suppression squad led by Police Lt-Col Kyaw Kyaw Min searched a vehicle en route from Alethankyaw village to Maungtaw near the Bawdigon inspection gate in Maungtaw on Sunday night and discovered 390,000 WY-stimulant tablets together with two monks on board.

Interrogation of the two monks led police to search the Shwe Baho monastery later on the same evening, where police found 3,734,250 WY-stimulant tablets in the room of a layperson, Maung Lin Aung Shwe, who was staying at the monastery. Police also discovered 94 bullets, 91 hand grenades and a fuse in Maung Lin Aung Shwe’s room.

Police detained the two monks for further questioning and are still in pursuit of Maung Lin Aung Shwe.